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How old does an athlete need to be to train at Wildfire Volleyball?

6-18 Years of Age

Wildfire Volleyball programs start from ages 6 to 18 female athletes.
A junior boys program is being developed as well as a beach program.

My daughter plays in a rec league (ex: YMCA, etc.), can she still train at Wildfire?


Athletes  do not need to be on a Wildfire team or be a Wildfire Member  to train with us.  Athletes who play on rec leagues like the YMCA, school teams, and other clubs are welcome to get extra training with our coaching staff. Positional and skill programs are offered daily at a very affordable rate.  

Where do practices take place?

Wildfire trains athletes out of 4 different locations.

The Wildfire Volleybal Factory -15461 SW 12 St, Suite 102 Sunrise Fl 33326
The Sagemont Upper School – 2585 Glades Circle, Weston Fl 33326
The Sagemont Lower School – 2700 Sagemont Way, Weston Fl 33326
University School – 1400, 3375 SW 75th Ave, Davie, FL 33314

Is Wildfire Volleyball only for advanced volleyball players?

Wildfire trains athletes at all levels of play.

Wildfire Volleyball’s mission statement is ‘ We build volleyball players one skill at a time”. 
Wildfire offers programs from the very beginner to the elite advance athletes.  The training at our organization is systematic and progressive.  This concept optimizes the growth of the athlete in the sport.  
Everyone is welcome to participate in our training.  Wildfire Volleyball offers and array of affordable training programs that target athletes needs from the most basic skill sets to advance performance.

What programs are available now?

The following programs have open registration all the time and are available year round

  • TAP program (open registration team program)
  • Specific skill Repetition Clinics (open to all)
  • Small group training (open to all)
  • All around skill training Clinics (open to all)
  • Positional Clinics (open to all)
  • Summer camps (open to all)
  • Private or semi private lessons (open to all)
Can the athlete try a program before joining it?


Your first visit to Wildfire is always FREE.  All an athlete need is an AAU membership and they are welcome to participate in any of our programs. It is important to us that the athletes evaluate the quality of our training before spending any further time or money.

At what time is the training?

Weekdays after 4:00pm and Weekends before 4:00pm

Training times vary according to programs. Most programs run in the window of: 

Monday – Friday 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 PM

What is the cost of the programs?

Program costs vary depending on level and frequency

Cost of programs varies according to the program and level.   Programs pricing starts for as little as $10.00 per hour.  To get specific pricing Click on the program TAP and o to the specific programs or feel free to call us at 954-439-1852

We are looking for specific skill training, does Wildfire offer this training?

Wildfire Volleyball offers repetition Clinics for members and non members alike.  These clinics are a great tool for getting better. The Clinics concentrate on 4 mayor skills

  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Hitting
  • Serving

Clinics have a 1 hour ($10.00) or 1.5 hour ($15.00) duration.  They are designed as the name suggest for the athletes to get a maximum number of repetitions in that time period.  Numbers for this Clinics are capped and the training is very specific to the skill.
Athletes who have participated in this exercise benefit tremendously.

I do not want to make the time or financial commitment to a travel or club team, can I still train in Wildfire Volleyball?

Yes. Wildfire offers training programs not affiliated with club volleyball.

Wildfire Volleyball offers programs for all levels of play, different time commitments and budgets.  Some programs are limited to members while others are open to anyone who wants to train as long as they have an AAU Membership – ( -($14.00 / year). 


  • National program ( members)
  • State program ( members)
  • State Red program ( members)
  • TAP program ( open to all/ open registration)
  • Specific skill Repetition Clinics (open to all)
  • Small group training (open to all)
  • All around skill training Clinics (open to all)
  • Positional Clinics (open to all)
  • Summer camps (open to all)
  • Private or semi- private  lessons ( Open to all)
Who coaches the programs and where can I get information about the coaching staff?

Click on our Coaches tab for more info.

Wildfire Volleyball is proud of its amazing coaching staff.  Our coaches have years of  experience in developing junior volleyball athletes.  Programs are spearheaded by an elite group of coaches with experience in College Programs, High Performance Programs,  High and Middle School programs.  The training for all levels of play has been design by the staff to optimize performance.  To read up on our coaching staff please visit the coaches bio page.

How can I get extra information about Wildfire Volleyball Academy?

For detail information on programs please contact us via e-mail at
Or phone